Listing Steps for MLS

Step ONE: Download the Listing Agreement: Click HERE

Our flat fee MLS listing service for unrepresented sellers is different than traditional full service
representation, because the Form 1B allows sellers to retain the right to sell their property
without a paying a commission if the buyer is unrepresented. This form is required by the MLS
and we have added to it our own agreement, which is tailored to the MLS listing service we
offer. You will notice that the Agreement, which is incorporated into the
Form1B as one attachment, has much more detail about the service inclusions and obligations
of the Seller and Broker in a limited service listing capacity. These forms may be opened,
completed on your computer and then either PRINT/SIGN or if you have an e-signature
program, electronic signatures are acceptable. You must complete these forms, and all legal
owners must sign and date. Save this form to send as instructed in Step Three.

Step TWO: Download Listing Input Sheet: Find Your MLS Data Form HERE

We must use the Listing Input Form to manually enter the listing into the MLS. The data form
can be opened on your computer and has check boxes and fill-in the-blank options which you
may fill out on your computer but cannot be customized. There are some fields for writing
language (public remarks, driving directions, etc.) so please make sure to keep within the
character count range, which shows on each respective field. *Do NOT write any contact
information in the public remarks, as this is not allowed per mls rules. You must complete these
forms, and all legal owners must initial and date. Save this to send as instructed in Step Three. 

Step THREE: Submit All Documents

Upon completing, signing and dating the Listing Agreement AND completing,
initialing and dating the MLS Data Form, you may either Email, fax or mail the documents to:
FAX: 1-866-594-0930
MAIL: PO BOX 1345, Vancouver, WA 98664
*If mailing, please send email notifying us that you have sent the forms via USPS.
**If paying by check, make check payable to, LLC 

Step FOUR: Email Photos

Photos: Email photos to in the sequence in which you want them to
appear your listing. INCLUDE in the subject line the property address. *You MUST own the
photos you are providing, meaning you took them or have written permission from the owner.
Do not use any photos copied from the assessor, google, or other websites. Number of photos
is determined by the package you have chosen. At least one exterior or view photo is required
and must be used as the MAIN photo per MLS rules. If the property is a condominium, then it
may be an interior photo as the main photo, providing that an exterior of the building is included
in the photo lineup.
Size: Use normal orientation with a 3 x 4 aspect ratio and photos should be 1024 x 768 pixels.
To avoid distorted photos on the MLS and public sites, do not us photos with the camera turned
90 degrees, and no panoramic photos. Send your JPEG photos numerically labeled in the
order in which you want them to appear (1.jpeg, 2.jpeg, etc.), preferably in a ZIP file.
IMPORTANT: Photos of the neighborhood and copyrighted images are not permitted by the
MLS. Do not superimpose logos or text on photo0s or show children or pets. Do not provide
photos with real estate signs or have any contact info. visible in the photos, as all of these types
of images are disallowed by the MLS. Copywrite laws are very severe for copied images. 

Step FIVE: Provide payment for your MLS Listing

Upon payment, we will process your MLS listing within one business day. You may pay by one
of the following ways which is also stated on your listing agreement:
1. Provide payment information on your MLS listing agreement where indicated for manual
2. If you have a pay pal account, send payment to Be sure to include
your property address in what the payment is for.
3. Send check payable to, LLC, PO Box 1345, Vancouver, WA 98666.
4. Request we send an invoice via email. Choose this option and you will receive a link in
your email to make payment via any form (credit card, debit, E-check, etc.). 

Step SIX: Create your personal webpage

The property ad on our site is for Buyers to find you directly. IT IS NOT LINKED to your MLS
listing, so changes to your ad on our site does NOT change the MLS listing. You must use a
change form to make changes to the MLS listing. Click this link to List4FlatFee and create your
username/password, provide listing information about your property, upload photos, etc. Upon
completion, you will be returned to a control panel, where you will be able to create custom
flyers, advertise open houses, add a virtual tour, and view/update your photos. Your
personalized home page allows buyers to contact you direct and shows your phone number and
has an email portal to reach you. Since our brokerage name is the same as our company name,
many buyers gravitate toward our site from public sites showing your listing and can reach you
directly. You are responsible for keeping your ad on our site up to date. As with all real estate
advertising, your ad must comply with federal and state Equal Housing rules.  This ad will be 
activated upon activation of your MLS listing. 

Step SEVEN: Signage and Lock Box

If you have ordered a lock box or a sign, those will be shipped to you via USPS, Priority tracking
mail. They usually arrive within 2-3 business days. You will receive an email with the tracking
information. If you ordered a lock box, there will be instructions in the packet. DO NOT handle
the lock box until you have read the instructions. 

Step EIGHT: Download and acknowledge the Rules and regulations for your mls listing

Once you have followed steps one – six, we will process your listing within one business day.
You will receive and email to review your MLS listing for any corrections/changes. Once you
have completed the review, we will then ACTIVATE the listing and send you a copy of the active
listing AND all disclosures, change form, and any other documents pertaining to your area and
property type. You may request your lead based paint disclosure form (for properties built prior
to 1978) and seller property disclosure form in advance by sending your request to Include property type, and county.