Broker Assistance with offers for $1200.00 

Do you have a buyer that wants to buy your property you have listed with me?  The Assistance with offers includes offer review, counter-offers, multiple offers, confirmation of escrow setup, inspection addendum and response support, title insurance order, and all disclosure receipt verification.  

FIRST, please read the Agency pamphlet "Real Estate Brokerage in Washington State"

When an offer comes in on your property and the buyer is being represented by a real estate agent, I will assist you throughout the transaction.  Agents will fax or email the offer to my office and once I receive the offer, I will email you a copy.  I will email you once I have reviewed the offer.   As a broker, there are changes that I may recommend to the contract and there will be changes you will want to make as well.  I will prepare the counter offer to be emailed to all owners to sign via email.  

I will order preliminary title and have it delivered to the buyer's agent, make sure escrow is set up and earnest money is receipted for, communicate with the lender, appraiser, etc.  I will set up a timeline and email this to you so you can do your part in a timely manner.

Once the inspection response comes back from the buyer, I will be in contact with you again via email to discuss corrections that the buyer has requested, if any. Again, I will prepare the inspection response based on how you want to respond and send to you for e-signature.  I will make sure that all disclosures have been delivered in accordance with law and the contract.  If you receive multiple offers, then I will work with you to get the most money using an escalation addendum at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Just add $1200.00 to your total commission and you will receive over 25 years of real estate experience on your side!

*Seller must be available via email for e-signatures, which is used for all notices, counter offers, etc.  **Offer review/assistance is offered during business hours of Mon-Fri, 7am -5pm, excluding all weekends and holidays. Seller authorizes Broker to insert into the MLS listing instructions to the agents that will state “Offers are reviewed within ONE BUSINESS day of receipt".

-$300 due upon listing the property and $900 due at close of escrow.The $300 is non-refundable, regardless if the property sells. If the sale fails to close, the remaining $900 is NOT due. 

- If Seller finds their own buyer that does not have a written services agreement with another brokerage, Seller may opt to have, LLC act as a Limited Dual Agent in the transaction.  That option is available for 1% of the sales price.  Limited dual agency requires the consent of each principal in a written services agreement PRIOR to entering into a contract.  Please refer to page three of the "Real Estate Brokerage in Washington" under Limited Dual Agent Duties: A limited dual agent may not advocate terms favorable to one principal to the detriment of the other principal. To find out more about the limited dual agency services, email or call 425-344-6779.