Testimonials from Clients for List4FlatFee.com
I have copied and pasted emails from clients and the date.  I hope you find this helpful.
Feel free to email me with any questions on my flat listing fee service.

About testimonials:  Now reflecting back, I should have kept all the emails from my clients and their kind words so I could fill more pages.  Their loyalty and referrals have been the reason for my success and without them, there would not be a List4FlatFee.com. To my clients, THANK YOU!  Your business is greatly appreciated!
Stacie Whitfield, Designated Broker



Thanks. I appreciate your service and your great communication. I will keep you in mind for future real estate transactions for myself and/or family and friends. Thanks. (4/18)


Thank you Stacie,
We will recommend you to our friends.
You helped two of my friends sell house, that's how we found you.
What you are doing is very smart and in tune with what's really going on in your industry.
Tod & Nicole Hofman (12/17)


Dear Stacie, Bruce and I closed on our property 11-2-17. Thank you for providing such a great service. I also left you a voice message. Take care! 

Nina Slocum (11/17)

Thanks so much for helping us on this lengthy process, Stacie!!
All the best,
Lynne (10/17)

Thank you so much. You made it so easy! I appreciate it. I will recommend your services to the many friends and connections I have in the NW
Jason Bentley (9/17)
We came to you because you did a good job for our friends Tiffani and Frances,
You are very smart in responding to needs of the people in an industry that has changed. And it is obvious that most of the folks in your business don't even know it, the train has left the station and they are all standing on the curb.
Good Job, keep doing it your way.
Be with the ones who are most important on the weekends.
Tod Hofman (9/17)

Thanks, Stacie I appreciate what you do and wouldn't hesitate to use your services again.
Take care,
Kathleen (2/18)


Hi Stacie,You a great to work with also! I will always use you in all my up coming listing and spread the word on your great service. Thank-You
Don Dominick  (2/18)


You are awesome!!  I have let many people know of the great support you offer.  Thanks and take care!!Jay Nash (4/18)  

Stacie; You are a pleasure to work with.  Other than the short delays the buyers had with their financing this was easier than the first time I used your services.

So to all those sellers sitting on the fence, hesitating and wondering can I sell a house by myself.  Well I’m living proof that you can.  But really, you’re not by yourself.  You have Stacie leading the way.  With all of her forms, guidance and enthusiasm; you can’t do this wrong.  Stacie will communicate with you by phone, email or fax.  I say trust in yourself and trust Stacie.
I have sold a manufactured home and a small 4plex that I used for a retirement investment, with Stacie’s help I have saved $22,130 in real estate commission fees.  That’s real money that I can see, touch and count.  I couldn’t be happier. I will recommend “list4flatfee.com” to anyone that mentions selling a house. 
Thank you again Stacie!!!!  I am a believer.
Stuart Campion (9/17)

Thank you so much for your time and effort through all this Stacie. I really appreciate the consistently fast response times.
I've sold with local agents and done for sale by owner. The service you offer is a dream come true for someone like me; I still can't believe how easy you made this!
Wish you the very best in the future as well Stacie!
Roger Vi (10/17)

Do you have a place for rave reviews on your site? Like, we are re-naming the great grand kids after you or we started a foundation in your name, something like that?
Steve Chase (12/17) 

Thanks Stacie! We've sold 3/3 through you!
Deb Zach (9/17)

Thanks Stacie. Pleasure doing business with you again. 
Yoland  (10/17)

Ms. Whitfield,Sorry for the delay, everything is crazy with the move. House sold for $400K to Mike and Janie Stephens. Thank you so much for the good service.

Best regards,
Fred Goodin  (11/17)

Thanks Stacie.  Absolute pleasure working with you. Will never go back to a standard realtor again! 

TJ  (3/18)


Thank you! You made this an extremely smooth process and we will definitely recommend you to others! 

-Matt and Allie  (10/17)

Good Mornin', Yeah it's nice that it's finally over.  We took all the proceeds and paid off our new house.  It's strange that we sold a house for a large profit and we didn't get any cash.  But it's nice to be debt free. Give me a day or two since we're with our grand kids and I will send you a good comment that you can put onto your website.  I'll word it so it will help persuade a few people that may be sitting on the fence about selling a house on their own.  I know that testimonials are important to some people when they are making a decision. So thank you for your help and I will be back to you in a few days. 

Stuart 8/17

Thank u for all u did for me. I have given ur email to a couple of people. Awesome service!!! 8/17 
Hi Stacie,
I am very sorry I didn't notify you that we closed as scheduled. I hope it hasn't caused you inconvenience. My wife Kathleen and I were very happy with the service you provided, in particular your efficiency and responsiveness. Please let me know if you would like us to provide a testimonial. Thank you very much.
Kind regards, Richard 8/7

Thank you so much Stacie! You have been wonderful to work with. We truly appreciate all your help through this crazy ordeal! 
Natika and Wade 8/17 

Hi Stacie, so John and I are signing at 5 today. And the buyers are signing at 4:30... I need to make sure i pay you the rest of the money I owe for your services. I have to say this was an amazing experience. I am so glade that we found you and used your service. I cannot believe the amount of money we saved by not using a real estate agent which put more money in our pockets. After this experience I don't see why any one wouldn't do the exact same thing we did. Thank you so much for guiding us through this hole thing. You have no idea how much we appreciate it. 

Thank you
Nealie and John Heineken  7/13

Hi Stacie,I see John emailed you today. I'm just confirming we are closed and recorded. Sold to buyer Root for $339,000.00 Cash.John works for Remax Associate Brokers, Camano Island. Closing date was yesterday 6/26/2017 Thanks again for all you do, I really enjoy working with you. 
Kindly, Doug Edwards

Hi Stacie,
We closed on the sale of our property today so you can now officially change the status to sold.Thank you so very much for providing the list4flatfee.com services. Greatest real estate sales experience ever!How can I help further your success? If you have potential users that want to speak with a past customer about actual experience, I am happy to be a reference. If I remember correctly you also serve Arizona, yes? If so, perhaps I will be reaching back out to you in a few years when we might be ready to sell the home we have there.
Best regards, Ray Hawksley 6/26 

Thank you very much!! All in all, this all went very smoothly. I will definitely recommend your services. Paul & Catherine Tibert 6/17
Thank you so much Stacie for your help and as a repeat customer and good word from my last referral I have been very happy with your service. I may have another referral coming your way soon. 

Have a wonderful day, 
Yoland Daniel 5/31
Thank you Stacie! I would highly recommend your service (and have actually!). Please use me as a reference if you have someone in Skagit County looking to use you.
Take care,
Rich Clasen 5/17

Thank you, Stacie. Your services were excellent and I'll pass along your name to others interested in FSBO, Best,Chelsea  5/17

We can't thank you enough for all you've done. 
Thank you for your professionalism and excellent work ethic. Thank you for listening to me when I was frustrated and confused, and thank you for patiently answering all my naive questions. Your knowledge is commendable and admirable. We will find some time this weekend to write you an excellent review online! Thank you so much!Sula and Anthony 5/17

Thank you for everything! I will recommend you to anyone looking to list. It closed perfectly and we have already received our funds. 
Shane 3/17

Thanks for all your assistance. House closed today :) 
I may have another listing for you soon!
Deb Zach 3/17 

Hi Stacie,
Our house on Sandy Point West closed today. Thanks for providing a great service. We would definitely use your flat fee service again.
Pam Woods and Darren Gordon 3/17

Always a pleasure working with you.
Thank you!
Ray  2/17 

A Review About You From sjmwatson Was Just Published on Zillow!https://www.zillow.com/profile/Stacie-Whitfield/?review=3352562#reviews 

Thank you.  If there is anything that I can do to help advocate for your business, provide positive feedback/reference, it would be my pleasure.

Shawn  2/17

Thank YOU, Stacie!! You made this so easy with your prompt replies, easy forms and great customer service! This service saved me thousands!!!  I will refer anyone and everyone I hear selling their homes...Wow! So easy...and you are very patient for we beginners!
Thank you again! 
Susie Brady   1/17

Thanks Stacie-- it's all done-- appreciate your updating the status to sold! And thanks for your assistance!!
Esther 12/16
Hi Stacie, Mom's condo closed today! I will be mailing the lockbox back tomorrow. Again, thank you for your help, support and answering all my dumb questions.  You helped me through this when my siblings didn't support the process.  
I wish you wonderful holidays and a very prosperous year.
Warmly, Michelle  11/16

We have referred you to several people. You were nice to work with.
Randy Fico 11/16  

Thanks so much for all your guidance. I really appreciate it!
Justine Joslyn  11/16

Stacie,Jerry and I want to thank you so much for your help and guidance in our home sale. You are a true professional and your service goes above and beyond. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Cheryl Isen 11/16

Stacie was wonderful. My husband and I wanted to DIY the sale of our home as we do so many other things in life. We used the flat fee MLS posting to put our house on the market. The process is very straightforward. After receiving a flood of responses and knowing we were going to receive  multiple offers, we decided we needed a bit more help. Stacie offers other services and helped us respond to offers and get into contract with our chosen buyers for a small fee. She has more than 20 years of experience as a Realtor and she was helpful with any questions we had. Very responsive to phone calls, emails and texts. I completely recommend this as a large step above the FSBO sign in the yard route. I would definitely use her services again. Zillow review 11/16 

Hello Stacie
Thank you so much for all of your help in this process. I'm extremely happy with how things have gone. I wanted to see if it was possible to leave you a review or something. Do you have anything going on yelp or your website for testimonials.
Keri Berry 10/16 

Stacie, you where very helpful and prompt, I will recommend you. Thank you again.
EM ZumBrunnen 10/16

Thank you Stacie! You've been great taking care of this transaction. I think we've all been looking forward to this day. 
Liz Valseca 9/16

Thank you Stacie. I'll be sure to recommend your services. Let me know if there are any online sites you'd like me to write a review for. 

Justin Knauer 9/16

I was looking for a no-nonsense, streamlined flat fee MLS listing, and Stacie provided exactly what I was looking for. She offers other services on an ala carte basis, but I just needed the basic MLS listing. She rapidly answered all my questions, and made all necessary changes to the listing within a short time. Highly recommended!
Zillow review 9/16

You're welcome Stacie, and thanks for the key role that you played.
Russ Kent 9/16

Thanks Stacie, we really appreciate the service you provided us! Cory Hill 9/16

Thank you so much Stacie! I really appreciate all of your help. You've been great to work with. 
I would definitely work with you again.  Warm Regards, 
Hannah Epstein 8/16

Thank you so much for all your help Stacie! It was much appreciated!
Nicole Estabrook 7/16

HI Stacie, Wonderful! It was a pleasure working with you, and we appreciate all the help you gave us through this process. We hope to send more business your way! All the best,
Christy and Carl Olson 7/16

Stacie, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your help throughout and I will, most definitely, recommend your service to others (already have)! :) Larry Baldwin 7/16

Thank you dear Stacie. I am preparing next 4 plex to sell though list4flatfee. Your loyal client.
Alex K. 7/16 

Thank you! Your service saved us big $
Ben Caldwell 6/16 

Good morning Stacie, This is to let you know that the sale of our house was closed on 5/13/16. Please let me know if you need more information.
Thank you for your help, Jean-Marie 5/16
Thank you.  Believe me if I know anyone selling a house I will be pointing them your way.
Cedar Argo 4/16

Thanks for providing great service and fast response times to my questions. I still want to list my land with you I am just waiting for preliminary short plat approval before I list it. Thanks,
Yoland Daniel 4/18
Hi Stacie,This is Vanessa Wolfe. I hope all is going well and that you are listing lots of homes. I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know I just met a real nice couple this weekend at an open house I went to. The husband happens to work with my husband and I referred them to you. Their names are Allen and Gail Gilbertson. I told them how Awesome you are and the excellent services you provide. They seemed interested so I just wanted to give you heads up. I hope it Have A Wonderful and Prosperous rest of the year :) Cheers! Vanessa Wolfe 4/16

Thank you Stacie, your customer service has been fantastic and we will be sure to give you great reviews.
Doug Dingman 4/16

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!  Have definitely referred your services to others!
Coleen 3/16

Sold!! Stacie this was a  great service. Thanks for your good support. I have another home in WA state (spokane) that I will sell (maybe now or next year). Can I also use your services for it?
Gaston Martin 3/16
Thank you, Stacie.  I hope you have a nice weekend also. I think things went quite smoothly.  I am glad that I found you.Thank you for everything.
Karen Knephoff 3/16
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! It was a real pleasure working with you as well. I am VERY happy I decided to call you.
Yohn Johnson 12/15

Hi Stacie, Thank you. We liked the option of listing this way. Happy holidays.
Aimee McIntizzle 12/15

I am extremely pleased with how easy you made it! You have a wonderful business & I will definitely share my experience!
Melissa Shields 11/15

Hi Stacie,
Thank you so much for everything, without your guidance I would have been lost.
Best regards,
Belinda Rose 12/15
Thanks Stacie. And thanks for all your help!
Natalie Simpson 10/15

We are also signing today :)  the move is going okay.  We should be mostly moved out by Monday.  Thank you so much for everything you've done.  Nicole and I are very thankful for everything.
Adam Henle 9/15

Good afternoon Stacie;
Just wanted to let you know that the 4plex closed yesterday and it funded today.
So I guess were all done.  Is there anything else that I need to do to complete your
paperwork or anything that I need to finish? I still have to inform my tenants about the new owner and take care of final bills. Other than that I'm done on my end. Let me know if you need me. Thank you for all your help, I will definitely use your services again when I sell my remaining properties. Again I thank you!!! 
Stuart Campion 9/15

Thx Stacie! The flat rate listing worked well for us! I'm curious...how long have you been doing this?...and were you a "normal" real estate agent before getting into flat rate listing?
Thx- Kim & Oscar Rojas 7/15

Thank you for your assistance, Stacie. We are very pleased with your services.
All the best, Angela Peart 7/15

Thank you, second house we have sold using your business!!
Jim and Carla Pfeffer --Ellensburg, WA 5/15
Hi Stacie, I just now gave possession to the buyer. Thank you so much for helping me with this process. It was a stressful journey, and i had my doubts we would reach closure. Your advise and patience is deeply appreciated. I hope you got some more business from my listing. All my friends now know about you, so hopefully someone does call you for their sale. And hopefully you got some good internet exposure too.

Keep in touch. Cheers,
Satish Prasad 9/14


It was not sweet on my side to sell house for $705000 and ask you for a $20 bucks discount. Was just joking. Your service is the best and I would pay more. Be proud of it. I am Very grateful to you dear Stacie. 
Alex Kocharov  9/14


Stacie, Thanks for putting up with all the crazy from escrow/title/etc. Your service was exactly what we were looking for and needed. We will definitely recommend you to others with similar needs.
Thank you!
Tassie Medlin 7/14
Just got the cash for the house wired to our bank.
Great job!
Raymond Bonilla 10/13

Thank you Stacie for all your help! We appreciate it.
Steve & Cathy Stockman 9/13


Stacie,I just wanted to thank you for the great service throughout the listing and sale of my property.  For the rate I was very impressed with how quick you were with responses and changes to the listing.  If I meet anyone who wants to try a FSBO I will definitely recommend your services.  Thanks, 
Chris Jensen 9/13

After using NWRealty last year I feel qualified to say that yours has been a vastly superior customer service and I wanted to thank you for it.   A few comparison thoughts regarding your service: Your price was $15. lower.  Service was effortless, fast and emails were returned in a very timely manner.  Problems were solved, instead of being passed back to me for more paperwork and delays. NW Realty provided only one photo. NW Realty was for one year, but I expect 6 months listing time will be enough anyway.  I could not find a 1 year service in this State. Thought you deserved some feedback. Thanks!
Scott Wainwright 9/13

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